Almaty, Bukhar Zhyrau Avenue, 35, corner of Shagabutdinov Street, "Prestige" residential complex.


Check-in time at the Hotel is 14:00. Check-out time is 12:00.
Early check-in (from 06:00) or late check-out (until 24:00) are subject to availability at the hotel and are paid at the rate of 50% of the cost, respectively, of the first or last day of stay.
In case of early arrival, payment for accommodation will be charged in the following order:
• In case of registrations earlier than 06:00, payment is charged in the amount of the full cost of the room for the previous day;
• In case of check-in between 06:00 and 14:00, the room will be provided with payment of early check-in in the amount of half a day's stay.
In case of departure of guests after a single checkout time, the payment for accommodation is charged in the following order:
• before 18:00 after checkout time - the hotel charges a fee for half a day;
• after 18:00 hours the hotel will charge you for a full day.

Payment for accommodation in our Hotel is made BEFORE check-in and in full volume.
Full payment of the stay is made at the time of arrival at the hotel and is not refundable in case of a shortened stay at the hotel
The Capsule can accommodate only one guest. The capsules are located on two tiers in the common rooms. When booking a capsule, there is no choice of tier. Upon arrival, the guest is provided with any free capsule.
Unfortunately we do not accommodate children under 6 years old at the Hotel.
Considering that the Hotel is for women and the toilet rooms are shared, the placement of a male child is possible if they are not 10 years old.
Accommodation of guests aged 6-18 is possible only in a separate VIP-room, accompanied by parents or an accompanying person over 21 years old (with a notarized power of attorney from the parents).
Only guests over 18 years of age are allowed in capsules.
Seat reservations are kept until 21-00 on the day of arrival. If you do not arrive before this time, the reservation will be canceled, the prepayment will not be returned. In order to save your reservation, please notify in advance about a delay in arrival at the hotel by phone: +7 705 266 90 63, +7 747 564 16 57 or by e-mail
Upon check-in, a deposit-guarantee in the amount of 2000 tenge is charged, in case of loss / damage by the guest - bed linen, keys, towels, slippers, dishes and other property, and are returned in full if there are no claims to the use of the property of the Hotel.
The leaders accompanying school, sports and other groups are fully responsible for the deposit, behavior, life and health of the group and compliance with these Rules of Residence at the Hotel.
When leaving the Hotel, you must give the Administrator the room key (for VIP rooms), as well as the locker key and other items provided to the guest for temporary use.
The hotel reserves the right to refuse your check-in without giving any reason.
Comfort and safety are the main things that we try to provide to our guests. This explains the following simple rules for staying at Tomiris lady's Capsule Hotel:
• Please be quiet in the sleeping capsule rooms during your stay and in common areas from 23:00 to 8:00. For your safety, the front door to the Hotel is closed from 24:00 to 7:00 in the morning. Treat other guests of the Hotel with respect.
• The hotel does not provide self catering facilities. Breakfast (yoghurt, toast, jam, coffee, tea) is included in the price. Water, tea, coffee - free. There is a microwave oven, refrigerator, toaster.
• Staying on the territory of the hotel is possible only in changing shoes. You can bring your favorite slippers with you, rent them, or buy new ones at the hotel.
• Bed linen and towels are included in the rate. Bed linen and towels are changed once every 3 days in VIP rooms, and once every 5 days in capsules, or more often, for an additional fee. Wet cleaning is done every day by staff.
• Sleeping bags are not permitted at the hotel. Sleeping bags must be packed in plastic bags.
• Viewing / listening to media files on personal devices on the territory of the hotel is possible only using headphones. There is a TV set in the common area of the Hotel, the volume of which should be comfortable for the adjacent bedrooms.
• For the purpose of safety, all personal belongings must be placed in an individual locker, the key from which is provided upon arrival.
• The hotel is not responsible for your personal belongings left unattended. We strongly recommend that you use lockers (personal lockers) and do not leave valuables unattended.
• For damage to the property of the Hotel through your fault -  will be imposed the fine, the amount of which can be obtained from the administrator, depending on the state of damage.

• create any discomfort to other guests, including noise and odors;
• smoke, bring and use alcoholic beverages and drugs;
• use any electric heating devices, except those installed in the general area
• keep food, bulky items, flammable materials and explosive substances in rooms and capsules;
• residing of people who are not staying at the hotel
• residing any animals
The hotel administration reserves the right to apply measures to violators of any paragraph of these rules, up to cancellation of booking and eviction without refund of the money paid.

Please do not forget to turn off the water, electricity and household appliances when leaving the showers / rooms / capsules.
Leaving the hotel, leave the key to the VIP room at the reception if you want wet cleaning could be realized. Otherwise, cleaning will not be possible.
Strictly follow the fire safety rules, avoiding the occurrence of fires.
We ask you to maintain cleanliness and order throughout the hostel. We ask you to respect the work of the service personnel who work for your benefit for your own convenience.
Please clean up and wash dirty dishes after cooking!
For violation of all these rules of conduct at the Hotel, the Administration has the right to impose a fine of 5000 tenge and evict the violators at any time.
For security purposes, there are video cameras installed on the territory of the Hotel and 24 houres video recording is conducted.
By checking into Tomiris lady’s Capsule Hotel you thus agree to the terms of these Terms of Residence and accept them for execution.

We wish you all a good rest!

How to get to us
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Almaty, Bukhar Zhyrau Avenue, 35, corner of Shagabutdinov Street,
"Prestige" residential complex.